What To Do If You Were Injured In A Blind Spot Crash

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Blind Spot Crash Car Accident Injury

There are many double and multi-lane roadways used by drivers throughout the greater Columbus area. Blind spots often exist on multi-lane roads when one driver attempts to pass another or simply remains in the neighboring lane. Crashes linked to blind spots often occur when one driver changes lanes without first ensuring that the coast is clear.

Negligent lane changing is often the cause of:

  • Lane-departure crashes — when drivers are knocked out of their lanes and off the road.
  • Spinouts — a driver who is sideswiped in a blind spot could spin out, which is especially dangerous on busy, high-speed roadways.
  • Rollovers — drivers who change lanes without looking could cause other vehicles with uneven weight distribution to lose control and rollover.
  • Head-on collisions — when drivers are knocked into oncoming traffic.
  • Accidents with motorcyclists and bicyclists — smaller, quieter vehicles are especially vulnerable to falling into another vehicle’s blind spot.

Where Do Blind Spots Exist?

For drivers of passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks, blind spots typically exist when another motorist is driving along the left or right side. In many cases, drivers can’t see another car in their side mirrors. That’s why it’s important that drivers properly adjust their side mirrors for better visibility and look over their shoulders before changing lanes.

Blind spots are larger for big commercial trucks. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they exist:

  • Alongside the cab and trailer — for up to two lanes on either side
  • In front of the cab — up to 20 feet ahead of the cab
  • In the back of the trailer — up to 30 feet behind the trailer

How Can An Attorney Help Me If I Was Injured In A Crash?

Blindspot crashes often happen without warning and gives crash victims little time to respond. Your crash may come as a shock, resulting in serious injuries and mental and emotional trauma. During the aftermath, you may not know where to turn for help or what course of action you should take.

It’s critical that you seek prompt medical attention after a blind spot crash, even if you feel fine. Some injuries don’t produce symptoms until days later. You should also speak to an experienced Columbus car accident attorney who can answer any questions you have and help you weigh your legal options.

Mike Christensen Law Offices can conduct a thorough investigation and gather the facts needed to support your case. We’ll also:

  • Tally up your damages and place an accurate value on your case, which includes:
    • Current and future medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Property damage
    • Non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and emotional trauma
  • Negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company for a fair financial settlement
  • Take your case to trial and fight for a verdict if a settlement can’t be reached with the insurance company

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