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What You Should Know About Crash-Related PTSD

  Car accidents are traumatic events. Injuries can be serious and life-threatening, from head and internal injuries to broken bones and deep lacerations. What about the psychological impact? Even if you are fortunate enough to escape a car wreck without a serious physical injury, you may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to Verywell Mind, car...

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Ohio road work zones can be dangerous: What you need to know to stay safe

Work zones are becoming increasingly more dangerous for drivers and workers. Driving on Ohio’s roads can be a maze of orange barrels and traffic cones, detours and lane shifts, especially throughout the summer. Work zones have become such a danger that in May, Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine and the Ohio Department of Transportation drew attention...

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Hi-tech high beam headlights increase light without glare

AAA is urging the federal government to permit installation of high beam headlight technology that increases roadway lighting, without the glare that disturbs oncoming drivers. “Driving at night doesn’t have to be such a risky undertaking for Americans,” said John Nielsen, AAA managing director of automotive engineering and repair. A story on the AAA NewsRoom...

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How Hostile Behavior Towards Bicyclists Puts Lives At Risk

Bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation in greater Columbus and across the United States. According to an article by Strong Towns, a website dedicated to community improvement, more Americans are recognizing the economic, environmental, and health benefits of bicycling. Why the hostility towards bicyclists? While more people prefer bicycles over cars, especially...

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Ohio Attorney Urges Drivers to Stay Safe This Saint Patrick’s Day

Many Columbus-area residents and visitors will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s a fun time for family and friends to congregate and enjoy the holiday festivities. For many, Saint Patrick’s Day means a night out drinking. While this seems inevitable, mixing alcohol with getting behind the wheel can have serious and fatal consequences. According to WalletHub,...

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Ohio Attorney Discusses Dangers of Multitasking and Driving

Texting while driving might be the most common example of distracted driving. But it’s not the only dangerous activity that diverts drivers’ attention away from the road. Other distractions include eating while driving, operating a GPS, adjusting the radio or personal grooming.   Many drivers believe they can safely multitask behind the wheel, but they are only putting...

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What happens to your brain in a car crash? Ohio Attorney Discusses

Experts call it traumatic brain injury. Your head moves violently forward and back or side to side, causing the brain to collide with the interior of your skull. Brain tissue is bruised. Blood vessels are torn. The sudden movement can injure neuronal axons – the threadlike arms of nerve cells that connect brain cells to each...

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