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Road Changes Can Reduce Accidents Caused By Elderly Columbus Drivers

Senior driver safety has become a pressing social issue. Thanks to advances in healthcare, public sanitation, and technology, the average lifespan is longer than ever. This has led to an aging population which has specific and unique needs. The inevitable increase in elderly drivers on the road will present specific issues for road safety in...

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Underride Trucking Accidents Deadly Threat to Columbus Motorists

A rare piece of bipartisan legislation has been introduced in Congress, which if passed would substantially reduce the threat of so-called "underride accidents" in Ohio and beyond. The Stop Underrides Act of 2017 was introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in the Senate and by Reps. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) and...

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Black Ice, a Hazard for Drivers in Ohio

As we draw closer to the end of winter, the brisk cold clashes with the occasional warm, signifying that spring is just around the corner. This struggle between temperatures can create a serious hazard for Ohio drivers, especially when wet roads suddenly freeze. Black ice can be an unforeseen danger to those who aren't prepared....

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Children of Columbus man killed by police deputy driving 100 mph file lawsuit

Family available for interviews with media as 2-year anniversary approaches COLUMBUS, Ohio – Children of a Columbus man killed by a Franklin County police deputy sheriff driving over 100 miles per hour are taking legal action against the county as part of a wrongful death lawsuit. Family members are available for interviews with the media...

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Why Columbus Car Accidents are Increasing Due to Mobile Technology

Several tragic accidents recently have been attributed to the use of SnapChat, a popular app that makes it possible for someone to post photos of their speed limit while driving. One accident involved a teen driver who recorded a SnapChat video of her driving 115 miles per hour. Shortly after she took the video, she crashed her...

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Speeding Drivers and Car Accident Risks During Thanksgiving Weekend

A look back at past Thanksgivings shows that motorists face a substantial increased risk of auto accidents over Thanksgiving. As this year's Thanksgiving holiday approaches, it is important to consider the car accident risks the holiday can present. On one recent Thanksgiving day, a tragic Ohio crash occurred that killed two people. Inquisitr reported the fatal accident...

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