What Are the Legal Steps I should Take following a Car Accident?

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Steps to do After A Car Accident Getting involved in a car accident is never good news, even when a collision is especially minor. But after suffering injuries and damages in a car wreck, the situation can become emotionally charged and you may feel confused about what to do next. By keeping a cool head […]

Car Accident Medical Expenses a Common Source of Medical Debt

Car Accident Medical Expenses a Common Source of Medical Debts

How Car Accident Medical Expenses a Source of Medical Debt Medical bills can add up fast after a serious car accident. This might explain why medical expenses have become one of the most common types of debt people have in this country. Currently, Americans owe more than ever when it comes to medical debt, according to The […]

Stopped Vehicles Cause Hundreds Of Fatal Car Accidents Each Year

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How Stopped Vehicles Lead to Hundreds of Fatal Car Accidents Each Year Stopped or disabled vehicles cause hundreds of fatal car accidents each year nationwide, according to a recent study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI). Between 2016-2018, an average of 566 people were killed and 14,371 were injured […]

If You Wave A Car Into Traffic And It Gets Hit, Who Is At Fault?

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We’ve all been there. You’re in your car, waiting to make a turn. A polite driver in an opposite lane slows to a stop and waves at you to go ahead in front of them. It’s a thoughtful gesture, the kind of thing that contributes to the “Midwest nice” phenomenon. But it’s not safe and […]

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Even though we had temperatures below freezing just last month, the weather is finally starting to warm up in Columbus and throughout central Ohio. That means there will be even more people out riding motorcycles, and drivers everywhere will need to do their part to share the road to help prevent motorcycle […]

Drunk Driving Increases Risk of Fatal Wrong-Way Crashes

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Wrong Way Accidents in Columbus, OH On average, 500 people die every year due to wrong-way driving crashes. It’s been a consistent problem across the country’s highways, but now the issue is only getting worse. According to a newly published study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, there were 2,008 deaths from wrong-way driving crashes […]

Six Ways A Lawyer Can Help Your Car Accident Case

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When you’ve been involved in a car accident, things can get very complicated. You may have been hurt and your car was wrecked. Suddenly you are dealing with medical bills and calls from the insurance company. You may not be sure what to do next. All you want is for things to get back to normal […]

Finding Out How Your Car Accident Happened

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How Your Car Accidents Happened Car accidents happen fast, but putting together the chain of events that led to them can take a long time. You may not know why it happened, and the insurance company will use that uncertainty as a weapon to try to deny you the compensation you deserve. That’s where an […]

What To Do If You Were Injured In A Blind Spot Crash

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There are many double and multi-lane roadways used by drivers throughout the greater Columbus area. Blind spots often exist on multi-lane roads when one driver attempts to pass another or simply remains in the neighboring lane. Crashes linked to blind spots often occur when one driver changes lanes without first ensuring that the coast is […]

Here’s What You Should Know About Back Pain Caused By A Car Accident

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Crash-related injuries may present themselves differently for some people. You may feel perfectly fine after being in a crash. In fact, you may even go about your business as usual after. For most people who are able to walk away from a car accident, the last thing on their mind is seeing a doctor. Many […]