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Has a motorbike accident affected you or a loved one? Accidents involving motorcycles unfortunately do occur. A motorbike rider may sustain severe, permanently changing injuries in an accident. The wounded motorcyclist may be entitled to compensation from another driver if their accident was brought on by their carelessness or recklessness. The settlement covers the rider’s medical expenses and other losses. Mike Christensen Law Offices LLC will help you in pursuing financial recompense for your harm and losses.

Here is how our motorcycle accident lawyer can help you: 

  1. Analyze your accident thoroughly to find information that demonstrates how it happened and who to accuse.
  2. Identify responsible parties and potential compensation sources and build a strong legal case on liability, negligence, and damages with the assistance of expert witnesses.
  3. Intensively negotiating with the insurance providers to get the highest possible compensation.

What Compensation Is Offered in Ohio Following a Motorcycle Accident?

You might be eligible for compensation for the injuries and damages the collision caused if you were hurt in a motorbike accident in Ohio. Among the financial benefits of a motorcycle accident lawsuit are:

  • Medical costs, such as those associated with operations and other treatments, hospital stays, prescription drugs, medical supplies, office visits, or home care.
  • Personal and medical care. 
  • Lost wages and earnings from the period you miss working while recovering If your injuries prevent you from working again, you will have lost your earning potential.

At Mike Christensen Law Offices LLC, our tenacious Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers battle for the compensation that our clients need and deserve. We can assist you in holding the negligent person accountable if you were harmed. We are aware of the challenges injured motorcyclists encounter while pursuing compensation. We are willing to go above and above to ensure that our clients receive the greatest result for their cases.

Make an appointment for a free first case assessment with one of our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys in Columbus, OH by contacting our firm at 614-300-5000. We can go into further depth about your case. You will be informed of your legal alternatives for claiming monetary damages for your harms and injuries. You will be informed of your legal alternatives for claiming compensatory damages for your losses and injury.

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