MORPC Releases List Of Dangerous Columbus Intersections

A new report released by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) sheds light on the most dangerous intersections in the Columbus area.

Taking the dubious honor of the most dangerous spot in Central Ohio is the Broad and James intersection in east Columbus. Over the last two years, there have been 172 crashes at this intersection, including one fatal accident.

The MORPC constructed its report in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Ohio Department of Public Safety using crash statistics from 2013-2015, incorporating total number of crashes, injuries, property damage and average daily traffic flow through the intersection.

Aggressive driving is partially to blame for crashes at Broad and James and other dangerous locations, such as Broad and Yearling in Whitehall and Cleveland and Morse in Columbus. When drivers run red lights or speed up instead of yielding at a yellow light, they put others at risk.

Traffic congestion and visibility are also partially to blame for these crashes, but those factors don’t absolve drivers of responsibility. Motorists owe it to themselves and others on the road to account for limited visibility, slow down and drive defensively to avoid collisions.

Intersection accidents can be dangerous. Here’s how to stay safe.

Intersections are some of the most common places for car accidents to happen, and unfortunately, many of those crashes are quite serious. That’s because intersection accidents are often “T-bone” accidents where the front of one car strikes the broad side of another car. Because the side of a vehicle provides relatively little protection compared to the front or rear, serious injuries often follow.

Defensive driving can reduce the risk of being involved in an intersection crash. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you are paying close attention to the road and the pattern of traffic as you approach an intersection.
  • Define your “point of no return.” This is the point where you are still able to stop before entering the intersection; once you pass this point, you have committed to going all the way through.
  • Slow down as you approach the intersection, even if the light is green, and be prepared to hit the brakes if necessary.
  • Don’t burst into the intersection when the light turns green, as a driver may have run a red or yellow light and still be in the intersection itself. Take a few moments to make sure it is safe to proceed before you accelerate.

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