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Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?


Columbus, OH Attorney Mike Christensen knows that a motorcyclist can suffer all kinds of injuries in a crash. They can range from minor to life-threatening. Each accident is different. But some injuries are common in motorcycle accidents, including:

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How can a motorcycle accident cause traumatic brain injury?

This is a very serious and very common injury in motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist can suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a blow to the head, either from being hit by a car or truck or after being thrown from the bike onto the ground. The force of the blow causes the brain to crash into the skull, causing bruising, bleeding or swelling.

A traumatic brain injury can have serious long-term effects. These include changes in personality, speech and thinking and motor skills. An accident victim with TBI may experience problems with weakness, balance or walking. Long-term care and rehabilitation may be needed, at great expense.

Wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the seriousness of a blow to the head. But even with a helmet, there is still the risk of brain injury that can affect normal functioning. Symptoms may not be noticed at first. That’s why it’s very important to see a doctor after you’ve been in a motorcycle accident.

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Are spinal cord injuries from motorcycle accidents serious?

Yes. Being hit by a car or truck, or being thrown from your motorcycle, can damage the spine and spinal column. The injuries can include herniated or bulging discs, disc fractures or nerve damage. Depending on the severity of the crash, the effects of these injuries can range from numbness to paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries are difficult to treat and in some cases, require lifetime care. Victims may need surgery, hospitalization and physical therapy. Some may need home modifications to accommodate reduced mobility.

In the meantime, you may no longer be able to work due to your injury. And the costs of care can be overwhelming.

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Can a motorcycle crash cause broken bones?

It can and often does. Being hit by a car or truck, or being thrown from your bike onto the ground subjects your body to a tremendous impact. The force of the impact can easily lead to a fracture. Common sites of injuries in motorcycle accidents include the hips, arms, legs, wrists and hands.

Broken bones limit mobility and can prevent you from taking part in your normal activities. You also may not be able to work because of your injury.

In some cases, broken bones can result in disfigurement or permanent nerve damage. But usually, broken bones can be healed completely with proper medical treatment.

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How common are sprains and tears in motorcycle accidents?

Very common. When a motorcyclist is about to fall, the instinct is to hold on to the motorcycle with more force to try to control it. This requires a lot of extra effort.

When this happens, the motorcyclist’s ligaments, tendons and muscles are put under tremendous pressure. And they can easily sprain or tear. This results in pain and limited motion.

A motorcyclist can also suffer whiplash in an accident. This occurs when the neck is thrown forward and then backward with great force. It leads to sprained muscles that cause pain and tenderness in the neck.

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What should I know about road rash in a motorcycle accident?

Road rash is a very common injury in motorcycle crashes. It refers to what happens to a rider’s skin after sliding on the pavement following a crash. This can cause multiple cuts, scrapes and bruises.

While not as severe as other types of injuries, road rash is still painful. And without proper medical treatment, those injuries can become irritated, infected or lead to surface nerve damage or scarring.

Protective clothing made of leather or denim can help minimize road rash. But it is still important to see a doctor soon after your accident.

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