Ohio Accident News 2022 – Jackson Township, OH


Speeding Vehicle Rear Ends Causing Serious Injuries

On the evening of Tuesday, June 21 at approximately 5:55 p.m. the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Jackson Township, Mahoning County, responded to a motor vehicle accident at CR 18 and CR 91.

Vehicle 1, a 2015 Dodge Ram, and Vehicle 2, a 2004 Impala were both going eastbound on Mahoning Avenue (CR 18).  Vehicle 2 stopped and was waiting to turn left.   Vehicle 1, who was also speeding rear-ended Vehicle 2. 

The driver of Vehicle 2 was seen by Lane Life Trans EMS and due to receiving serious injuries in the crash, was taken by the EMS to St. Elizabeth Hospital.   The driver of Vehicle 1 was not injured.   

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