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Dog Bites

When You Need a Dog Bite Attorney in Columbus, OH Protecting Your Rights

Anyone bitten or attacked by a dog in Columbus, OH knows that not all of these animals are "man's best friend." Experienced attorney Mike Christensen knows some dogs are vicious and poorly trained. He has represented people who have faced severe injuries or whose children were brutally assaulted. These dogs can be dangerous for an adult or child who gets too close, resulting in personal injury.

Michael D. Christensen Law Offices has helped dog bite victims in the greater Columbus area get financial compensation for their injuries since 2002. Cases can be pursued under common law or Ohio's statutory law.

Am I entitled to compensation if I've been bitten by a dog?

Dogs are generally given "one free bite" under common law. This means in legal action brought under common law, a victim would have to prove that the owner knew the dog was vicious and had attacked before. In addition to compensation for losses, a victim can also seek punitive damages.

In Ohio's statutory law, there is no free bite. Dog owners are liable for each provable injury the dog causes.

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What types of injuries can dog bites cause?

It depends on different factors. For example, a dog can bite different areas of the body. The dog may bite down and clamp the jaw muscles, creating a deeper and more severe injury.

Typical physical injuries seen from dog bites include:

  • puncture and tearing wounds
  • scarring of the lips, nose and face
  • rabies (if the dog was not vaccinated)
  • head or brain injuries
  • broken bones

These types of injuries could require extensive medical treatment, including surgery, cosmetic surgery, physical therapy and prescription medication. Treatment can take months and be very expensive.

There are also other types of injuries that could occur. Children and adults attacked by a vicious dog may be emotionally or psychologically traumatized. They could experience flashbacks of the attack and have nightmares. They may develop an unreasonably fear for their personal safety. These are injuries that could require psychological treatment.

How do I pursue a dog bite case?

If the owner has homeowner's insurance, you may be able to file a claim with that insurance company. But if the owner does not have homeowner's insurance, you will need to seek damages in court.

Harborers and keepers of the dog could also be held liable for your injuries. A harborer is a person who controls the residence where the dog lives. A harborer could be a parent who owns the house where a child has a dog, for example. A keeper is a person who was in charge of the dog at the time of the attack-for example, a dog walker.

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