What happens to your brain in a car crash? Ohio Attorney Discusses

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Experts call it traumatic brain injury. Your head moves violently forward and back or side to side, causing the brain to collide with the interior of your skull. Brain tissue is bruised. Blood vessels are torn. The sudden movement can injure neuronal axons – the threadlike arms of nerve cells that connect brain cells to each other and the brain to the rest of the body. The brain also reacts with biochemical and physiological responses, releasing substances that can further damage and destroy brain cells. 


  • Loss of consciousness, ranging from minutes to hours to weeks to months (a coma). 
  • Breathing difficulties. 
  • Impaired motor function. 
  • Increased irritability. 
  • Increased aggression. 
  • Memory issues, including amnesia. 
  • Confusion, disorientation and other cognitive issues. 

Because neurons do not heal, brain injuries can pose lifelong challenges. Some research estimates 15 percent of people suffer severely debilitating injuries. Their chances of returning to the life they enjoyed before the accident are remote. 

Don’t ignore head injuries. Seek help immediately

Always seek immediate medical attention after you are involved in a car accident. Even if you have no apparent injuries (“All I did was bump my head”), an examination may reveal hidden trauma. To protect your legal rights, establish a medical record of your condition. 

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