Ohio Attorney Discusses Dangers of Multitasking and Driving

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Texting while driving might be the most common example of distracted driving. But it’s not the only dangerous activity that diverts drivers’ attention away from the road. Other distractions include eating while driving, operating a GPS, adjusting the radio or personal grooming.  

Many drivers believe they can safely multitask behind the wheel, but they are only putting themselves and others at risk.   


Cases of distracted driving have gone up as more people have access to smartphones, and infotainment technologies become standard in new vehicles. Drivers are tempted to look away from the road when they hear a phone notification and try to respond with a quick text. If they are driving for work, they may be even more tempted to send an email or answer a call.  

You may not have a job that requires driving, but 30 percent of civilian jobs require it in some capacity, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of work-related fatalities 

Sending a text, changing the radio station, or drinking a coffee may seem like simple tasks, but the reality is they are dangerous while behind the wheel. Researchers at the University of Utah found that multitasking in any capacity is dangerous. They also discovered that the most confident multitaskers were the least likely to do it safely.  

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 3,450 fatalities in 2016 connected to distracted driving, and about 391,000 injuries in 2015.  

Legal issues facing victims

Whatever the cause of your accident, there are many issues you may be dealing with after your distracted driving accident. These include: 

  • Distracted driver denies doing anything wrong. 
  • Other driver blames you for causing accident. 
  • Other driver’s cellphone company refuses to release cell phone records. 
  • Other driver’s insurance company pressures you to accept low-ball settlement. 
  • Other driver’s insurance company denies your claim and refuses to pay you. 

Serious legal issues demand strong legal action. That’s why we want to meet with you right away to learn more about your distracted driving accident. An experienced attorney can demand copies of cell phone records and negotiate effectively with insurance companies.  

Contact Michael D. Christensen Law Offices in Columbus and schedule your free case evaluation with a distracted driving accident lawyer who cares about you.  

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