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Once you’ve been injured in an accident caused by someone else, a lot of things can go wrong. While you may think recovering compensation for your damages will be easy, it’s no walk in the park when insurance companies are involved. Insurance adjusters will tell you that there’s no need to get a lawyer involved in your claim, yet the moment they hang up with you, they’re already on the phone with theirs.

To truly level the playing field, you need an attorney on your side to protect your rights and aggressively advocate for your best interests. But how can you afford legal help when you’re injured, out of work, and have other bills to pay? Don’t lawyers cost a boatload of money and charge outrageous hourly fees?

At Michael D. Christensen Law Offices, LLC, it costs you absolutely nothing upfront to retain the services of our legal team. That’s because we represent our clients on a contingency fee basis.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee refers to the compensation your attorney receives if and when your case is settled, or a verdict is obtained at trial. Literally, your lawyer’s legal fees are contingent upon the outcome of your case. If no financial recovery is made, you don’t have to pay for the attorney’s time and labor. If a settlement or judgment is obtained on your behalf, your lawyer receives a pre-determined percentage of the award, not including expenses.

Contingency fee arrangements differ from law firm to law firm and may be on a sliding scale depending on the specifics of your case, like if the attorney files a lawsuit on your behalf or takes your case to trial.

Are expenses included in a contingency fee agreement?

Contingency fees typically only include the legal fees that your attorney charges for his or her time and labor. You may be responsible for paying applicable court costs and other expenses related to advancing your claim, including but not limited to:

  • Filing fees
  • Deposition costs
  • Copying fees
  • Costs related to consulting with specialists and expert witnesses
  • Charges to serve summons and subpoenas

What are the pros of a contingency fee?

A lot of clients find contingency fee agreements attractive because there is very little financial risk involved with the potential for a high reward. Some of the advantages of a contingency fee arrangement are:

  • You gain access to the court system regardless of your financial situation or resources.
  • You are not billed by the hour.
  • If you win, your attorney wins, so you can have peace of mind that your lawyer will put in the work to get the best possible outcome in your case.
  • If you lose, you are not responsible for the attorney’s time and labor (though you may be charged for court costs and other expenses).
  • If you win, your lawyer’s compensation is deducted from your financial award and is not something you have to pay out of pocket.

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Since 2002, our law firm has been serving accident victims who were injured through no fault of their own. Attorney Mike Christensen and his dedicated legal team do not play the insurance company’s games and refuse to let them take advantage of you. Whether it’s through a negotiated settlement or by way of a court judgment, we will fight for every dollar you deserve and leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our office is located in Columbus, Ohio and we offer our legal services to clients statewide.

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