How Much Is My Truck Accident Worth in Ohio?

How Much Is My Truck Accident Worth in Ohio? | Mike Christensen Law Offices LLC. Columbus

If you were injured in an accident, you probably want to know how much the typical payout for a semi-truck accident is. You might also be curious about the variables that could affect the amount of your settlement and how to make sure you receive the money required to cover your living costs and medical expenses.

Mike Christensen Law Offices LLC helps injured accident victims in Columbus, Ohio. The typical settlement amount for truck accidents is a question that many of our clients ask us. It is only normal to wonder how much your claim might be worth, but there is no set answer because it differs from instance to case.

Every accident survivor faces a different set of difficulties. You deserve the individualized attention of an experienced truck accident attorney to better understand what the potential worth of your claim might be.

Determining the Settlement Value for a Truck Accident in Ohio

Here is a breakdown of some of the possible categories of damages for which you might be eligible for reimbursement in an Ohio truck accident suit. These consist of:

  • Emergency transportation and care,
  • Hospitalizations and operations,
  • Cost of a physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, medicines on prescription. And medical equipment,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Physical treatment,
  • Loss of perks and salary,
  • Psychological harm, anguish, and pain.

You are entitled to compensation if your injuries prevented you from performing the duties of your former job as a result of your injuries, or if your injuries caused you to lose your earning potential and future revenue. You may also seek compensation for lost quality of life and other non-economic losses if you experienced long-term harm, scarring, impairment and other intangible losses. 

The personal injury lawyers at Mike Christensen Law Offices LLC in Columbus are aware of your situation and are ready to assist. For your benefit, we will fight tenaciously to uphold your legal rights and secure the maximum monetary compensation for your losses. To arrange a free consultation with an experienced truck accident attorney in Columbus, OH, get in touch with us right away by contacting us at 614-300-5000. 

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