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If you’ve been in a car accident, you know how frightening they can be. The first thing most people do after being in accident is check to see if they’re hurt. Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. They can be mild to severe, temporary or permanent. Many require surgery and other extended medical treatment.

Victims of a car accident may suffer:

  • neck injuries
  • back injuries
  • brain injury
  • spinal cord injuries
  • broken bones
  • internal injuries

An injury from a car accident can leave you unable to work, while bills keep coming in. But insurance companies could not care less. They just want to pay a minimum amount to make your claim go away. Call Michael D. Christensen Law Offices to see how we can help you receive full compensation for your injuries.

What kind of neck injuries could I get in a car accident?

This depends on the type of car accident and other factors, such as speed and whether seatbelts were in use. Injuries in the neck can range from a mild sprain, to damaged ligaments, to damaged discs.

One common injury seen in rear-end accidents is whiplash. This happens when a person’s neck is thrown forward then backward with great force. Symptoms usually occur within 24 hours of the accident and include pain, stiffness and tenderness.

Neck injuries require medical treatment. And depending on the severity of the injury, a person’s movement may be limited for quite some time-or even permanently. This can affect his or her ability to work and take part in normal activities.

Could I have injured my back in a car accident?

Yes, it’s very possible. In minor crashes, a person may experience a mild back sprain or spasms. But in more severe crashes, injuries could include or compression fracture. Some result in paralysis.

Back injuries can be hard to diagnose, as it may take days for symptoms to appear. But they require special treatment, sometimes for months, which may include chiropractic and physical therapy sessions. In some cases, surgery may be necessary.

A back injury can limit motion, and that may prevent a victim from earning an income. If you experience a back injury due to a car accident, our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Should I be concerned about brain injury in a car accident?

Yes. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens when a person suffers a blow to the head during the accident. When this happens, the brain crashes into the skull, causing bruising, bleeding or swelling.

TBIs can be mild (sometimes called a concussion), giving a person temporary symptoms such as headache, loss of memory and confusion. But more severe TBIs can also lead to long-term problems with memory, concentration, speech, vision and hearing.

In some accidents, a person has obvious head injuries, and medical professionals will evaluate him or her for TBI. But when there is no obvious head wound, mild TBI can be harder to diagnose. Symptoms may be subtle and appear over days and weeks.

That’s why it’s important to see a doctor soon after you’ve been in an accident. You may have an injury you may not even know about.

What should I know about spinal cord injuries from car accidents?

At best, a spinal cord injury can leave victims with full motion, but unable to move as they normally do. At worst, victims may suffer paralysis in the legs (paraplegia) or both arms and legs (quadriplegia).

Spinal cord injuries may be temporary or permanent. They may require surgery, extended medical care, physical therapy and home modifications.

If a car accident has left you or a loved one with a spinal cord injury, Michael D. Christensen Law Offices can help. We want to make sure you get enough compensation to cover the complete costs of your care and any loss of income.

What if I suffered a broken bone in a car crash?

A broken bone is a serious injury. If you’ve suffered a fracture in an accident, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing work or paying your bills. We can help you get full compensation for your injury so you can focus on making a full recovery.

In a crash, a person’s body is thrown inside the car-for example, against the steering wheel or windshield. The force of the impact is often strong enough to cause a bone fracture.

A car crash can break bones in the face, hands, arms, legs and torso. Broken bones can heal, but it takes time. Surgery and physical therapy may also be required. An accident victim may miss time from work because of limited motion from a:

  • facial or skull fracture
  • tibia and fibula fracture (bones in the lower leg)
  • femur (thigh bone) fracture
  • rib fracture
  • hip fracture
  • pelvis fracture
  • wrist fracture
  • clavicle fracture

Could I suffer internal injuries in a car accident without realizing it?

Yes, you could. Not all injuries are visible. The impact of a severe car crash can cause internal injuries you can’t see. Some of the common internal injuries seen in car accidents include:

  • abdominal aorta aneurysm
  • broken ribs
  • internal bleeding
  • organ damage
  • ruptured spleen

Internal injuries left untreated can be fatal. It is very important to seek medical treatment after a car accident, even if you feel fine.

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