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Speeding, Distracted Truckers, Drunk and Inexperienced Drivers


As with car accidents, there can be many causes of serious crashes involving commercial vehicles. Columbus, OH Attorney Mike Christensen knows from experience that in many cases, truck accidents are caused by driver negligence.

Types of driver negligence seen in truck accidents include:

Truck drivers always want to deliver their loads on time. But that is never an excuse for negligent behavior that leads to people getting hurt. If you’ve been in a truck accident, contact us for a free evaluation of your case. Michael D. Christensen Law Offices can help you get full compensation for your injuries.

Mike Christensen knows it’s critical to investigate the trucking company after a careless or reckless driver causes an accident. That’s because the trucking company may be responsible for the crash. The driver’s employer may have violated federal regulations. Did the company conduct a thorough background check on the driver? Did the company know the driver lacked experience but chose to hire him or her anyway? These are some of the questions we raise when investigating truck accidents.

Could speeding have caused my truck accident?

Yes. Truck drivers trying to meet a deadline may go over the speed limit in an attempt to make up time. But the consequences can be devastating.

A big rig weighing as much as 80,000 pounds is not easy to control. It takes much longer to bring a heavy truck to a complete stop than a car. A truck driver who is speeding has a much harder time stopping the truck before a crash.

Sometimes the approximate speed of a truck is recorded in police reports. But even if it isn’t, our experts may find evidence the truck was going too fast.

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How could fatigue have caused my truck accident?

Truck drivers pushing a deadline may try to get more miles in by getting less sleep than they need. This can create a dangerous situation as this behavior turns them into drowsy drivers.

Drowsy drivers have slower reaction time and impaired judgment. They are not fully aware of road conditions and make poor choices.

Drowsy driving behind the wheel of a commercial truck is against the law in Ohio. We will thoroughly investigate the driver in your truck accident to look for signs of drowsy driving.

In addition, most truck drivers must follow what are known as hours of service regulations. These federal rules spell out how long a driver can stay on the road without taking a break.

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Is distracted driving a possible cause of my truck accident?

Possibly. Truck drivers spend long hours on the road. As with car drivers, they can become distracted by other activities.

Activities that could distract a truck driver may include:

  • texting
  • talking on CB radio or cell phone
  • eating
  • operating a GPS
  • changing the radio station

Long hours on the road is no excuse for distracted driving. Federal law places strict restrictions on the use of cell phones by truck drivers. We will examine police reports and interview witnesses for any indications a truck driver was distracted.

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Is drunk driving a factor in my truck accident?

We will look into that possibility. Drunk drivers don’t make good decisions and have very poor response times. A drunk driver behind the wheel of a heavy truck is especially dangerous.

Drunk driving-or operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI)-is a serious offense in the state of Ohio. The legal limit for commercial truck drivers is even lower than that for car drivers.

We’ll review the police report to see if there was any indication the driver may have been drinking. We will also look for any witnesses who may have seen the driver consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

This creates a complex situation that can be difficult to sort out. Each party is acting in their own best interests. They don’t care about you. If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, you need somebody to fight for your best interests.

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Was my truck accident caused by an inexperienced driver?

This is another possibility we will consider. An inexperienced truck driver is also a danger on the road.

It takes many hours of training to become qualified to drive large commercial vehicles. Drivers must also meet state and federal requirements.

We will take a thorough look into the driver’s background and qualifications. If the driver did not fully meet all requirements, he or she did not belong behind the wheel of that truck.

As with any of the factors listed here, the trucking company – and not just the driver – may be held responsible for the accident. The company may have known the driver was not qualified, but chose to hire him or her anyway. That’s why it’s critical to track down the company and conduct a thorough investigation. Call Mike Christensen to put the power of an experienced Ohio truck accident attorney to work for you.

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