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Why You Need a Columbus, OH Attorney to Investigate Your Truck Accident

Investigating a truck accident in Columbus, OH is critical if you want to be fully and fairly compensated. You can’t sit back and let the insurance companies and the trucking companies take control. They’re not looking out for your best interests. You need an experienced and aggressive Columbus, OH attorney working for you.

Michael D. Christensen Law Offices has been representing victims injured in truck accidents in greater Columbus for many years. We know what information is needed in a successful fight to get you proper compensation for your injuries. And if the information is not immediately available, we know how to get it.


Some of the ways we’ll investigate your truck accident include:

The sooner we get started investigating your accident, the more likely we are to find information that can help us in your case. If you are injured as the result of a truck accident, don’t hesitate. Contact us as soon as possible following the accident so we can get the investigation started before any evidence is lost. Keep in mind: the trucking companies and the insurance carriers will have investigators, often within hours of the crash. You need to make sure the playing field is level.

Why will you visit the scene of my truck accident?

We like to get our own view of the accident scene. In some cases, we may be able to note certain conditions or factors the police may have missed.

Our investigators will document any property damage (for example to guardrails or fences). They’ll look for skid marks, oil stains and any leftover accident debris. They will also take measurements and note the condition of the road.

In addition, they will examine the vehicles damaged in the crash, wherever they end up. It’s very important to do this before any repairs are made.

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What documentation can help in my truck accident case?

We’ll review police reports, medical records and repair estimates. We’ll also look at trucking company records, which contain information on both the drivers they hire and the trucks they use. These can tell us if there was any negligence on the company’s part.

We will also seek to obtain the truck driver’s driver qualification file (DQF). This is a file trucking companies are required to keep by law. It contains driving records, license records, results of alcohol and drug tests and other information.

In addition, we will also seek information from an electronic logging device (ELD) or automatic on-board recording device (AOBRD), if the truck is equipped with one. These devices keep track of the driver’s duty status and hours of operation.

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What interviews could help my truck accident case?

Anybody who was on the scene of your crash around the time it happened could have useful information. We may interview:

  • the truck driver
  • police officers
  • medical personnel
  • passengers
  • eyewitnesses to the crash

This helps us gather information that could help your case. For example, we’ll learn about the road conditions, the weather, road markings, traffic light positions and visibility.

Eyewitnesses can especially give a valuable account of the crash, because they have no personal or financial stake in what happened. If needed, we will get depositions from witnesses if we need to take the case to court.

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Will my truck accident case require any experts?

It’s possible. Reports from experts can help you reach a successful resolution of your case, either by court or settlement.

Accident reconstruction experts can conduct a complete analysis of your truck accident. They will determine the most likely causes and sequence of events in the crash.

We may also consult medical experts who can provide information on the extent of your injury and how it affects your quality of life. And financial experts can provide details about the monetary costs of your injury.

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