What to Expect During a Workplace Harassment Investigation

What to Expect During a Workplace Harassment Investigation - Mike Christensen Law Offices, Columbus, OH

Process of A Workplace Harassment Investigation

Workplace harassment is a serious issue that can have a significant impact on your mental and emotional well-being. If you have reported workplace harassment, you may be wondering what to expect during the investigation process.

In this guide, we’ll explain what you can expect during a workplace harassment investigation and how to prepare yourself for the process.

What is a Workplace Harassment Investigation?

A workplace harassment investigation is an internal investigation that is conducted by an employer to determine whether harassment has occurred in the workplace. The investigation may be conducted by an internal investigator or an external investigator, depending on the policies and procedures of the employer.

During the investigation, the investigator will gather evidence and interview witnesses to determine whether harassment has occurred, and if so, what action should be taken to address the situation.

What to Expect During the Investigation

Here are some of the things you can expect during a workplace harassment investigation:

  1. Confidentiality

All parties involved in the investigation will be required to maintain confidentiality to the extent possible. This means that the investigator will keep your report confidential to the extent possible while still investigating the situation and taking appropriate action.

  1. Interviews

The investigator will likely conduct interviews with you, the person who is accused of harassment, and any witnesses who may have information relevant to the investigation. You should be prepared to answer questions about the alleged harassment, including the date, time, and location of the incident, as well as any witnesses who may have seen or heard what happened.

  1. Evidence Collection

The investigator may collect evidence related to the alleged harassment, such as emails, notes, or other documentation. You may be asked to provide any evidence you have that supports your claim of harassment.

  1. Timelines

The investigation process may take several weeks or even months to complete. The investigator will keep you informed of the progress of the investigation and any important deadlines or timelines.

  1. Follow-Up

After the investigation is complete, the investigator will provide a report of their findings and recommendations for any necessary action. Your employer will then take appropriate action based on the findings of the investigation.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Investigation

If you are going through a workplace harassment investigation, it’s important to prepare yourself for the process. Here are some things you can do to prepare:

  1. Document the Harassment

Keep a record of the harassment, including any emails, notes, or other documentation. This will be helpful if you need to provide evidence during the investigation.

  1. Seek Support

If you are experiencing workplace harassment, it can be helpful to seek support from friends, family, or a therapist. You may also want to consider joining a support group for people who have experienced workplace harassment.

  1. Understand Your Rights

Educate yourself about your rights as an employee and the laws that protect you from workplace harassment. This will help you understand what actions you can take to protect yourself.

  1. Know What to Expect

Understanding what to expect during a workplace harassment investigation can help you feel more prepared for the process. Talk to the investigator or your employer to find out what you can expect during the investigation.

  1. Consult with an Attorney

If you are considering legal action against your employer or the person who harassed you, it’s important to consult with an attorney who specializes in employment law. They can help you understand your legal options and guide you through the legal process.

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