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Tips for staying safe at motorcycle rallies

Motorcycle rallies happen frequently throughout Ohio and the U.S. during this time of year. The Sturgis Kentucky Bike Rally will draw thousands of people from across the United States. It's being held in Sturgis, Kentucky, from September 10-13, 2020. The event was originally scheduled for the third weekend of July but was postponed due to...

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Car accident causes: Environmental factors vs. human error

The environmental factors drivers face each day aren't always favorable. Drivers may encounter frequent curves, slippery road conditions, thick fog, or potholes. These environmental factors are often unavoidable and contribute to many Ohio crashes. Can environmental factors be blamed for car accidents? Can we truly blame the cause of crashes on these environmental factors? We...

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How much does a car accident cost?

Even if you're a skilled and defensive driver, there may come a time when you'll be involved in a collision. It may be minor fender bender or something more serious. What's for certain is: car accidents cost money. The most common costs include vehicle repair, personal property repair or recovery, medical costs, wage loss, and...

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