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The Risks Of Autumn Driving In Columbus, Ohio

As the days grow shorter and weather becomes more hazardous, this time of year can pose a slew of risks to road users in the Columbus area. According to Statista, October was the deadliest month in 2016 (the latest statistics) with approximately 3,249 traffic fatalities nationwide. While November experienced a drop in traffic fatalities, 2,998 people lost their lives...

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Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Motorcyclists in Columbus, Ohio often enjoy the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents sometimes occur. And when they do, other drivers are often to blame. After an accident, injured motorcyclists often have lots of questions. But where can they find accurate answers to their questions? How likely am I to be involved in a...

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Comparing Driver Distraction Among Infotainment Systems

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that in a single year, more than 13,200 motorists crashed while being distracted by something in their vehicles, resulting in nearly 7,000 injuries and 43 deaths. These crashes are devastating to individuals, families and entire communities. When it comes to levels of driver distraction leading to serious car accidents...

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Tired Truck Drivers a Risk to Columbus Road Users

The Sleep Help Institute recently reported about the increasing risk of exhausted truckers on the nation’s roads. It’s a timely reminder as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration moves to make electronic data recorders mandatory for tracking Hours-of-Service compliance in the commercial trucking industry. Logging software (apps) and paper logbooks are no longer permitted to...

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Drowsy Driving Accidents in Columbus

Drowsy driving is a problem that affects drivers all across the United States. Research conducted by AAA indicates that drowsy driving may be much more prevalent than current federal estimates suggest. For this reason, it is important that Columbus drivers understand the risks and warning signs of drowsy driving. Driving while tired can be a...

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Road Changes Can Reduce Accidents Caused By Elderly Columbus Drivers

Senior driver safety has become a pressing social issue. Thanks to advances in healthcare, public sanitation, and technology, the average lifespan is longer than ever. This has led to an aging population which has specific and unique needs. The inevitable increase in elderly drivers on the road will present specific issues for road safety in...

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Underride Trucking Accidents Deadly Threat to Columbus Motorists

A rare piece of bipartisan legislation has been introduced in Congress, which if passed would substantially reduce the threat of so-called "underride accidents" in Ohio and beyond. The Stop Underrides Act of 2017 was introduced by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) in the Senate and by Reps. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) and...

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Black Ice, a Hazard for Drivers in Ohio

As we draw closer to the end of winter, the brisk cold clashes with the occasional warm, signifying that spring is just around the corner. This struggle between temperatures can create a serious hazard for Ohio drivers, especially when wet roads suddenly freeze. Black ice can be an unforeseen danger to those who aren't prepared....

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