Ohio Accident News 2022 – IR-90, OH


Drunk Driver Causes Serious Accident

On the evening of Friday, June 10, a car crash occurred, leaving four injured. The incident happened on IR 90 west bound in Cuyahoga County, in Euclid, Ohio at approximately 6:55 p.m.

The incident occurred when a 2007 Ford 500 was traveling westbound on IR 90. The Ford 500 went off the road and rear-ended a 2009 Ford Focus, which was also facing west bound and was safely pulled over to the shoulder in the emergency lane and was stopped with the driver and three passengers. All four people from the Ford Focus were seriously injured and were taken by Euclid Fire-EMS to the University Hospital. The Euclid Police Department officer arrested the driver of the 2007 Ford 500 for suspicion of OVI and was given a Field Sobriety Test.

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