Ohio Accident News 2022 – Knox Township, OH


Vehicle Lost Control On A Curve, Resulting In-Vehicle Behind Losing Control And Receiving Serious Injuries

On the early afternoon of Saturday, June 18, at approximately 12:51 p.m., the Ohio State Highway Patrol responded to an accident in Knox Township. The incident occurred in Guernsey County at SR 662.   

Vehicle 1, a 2004 Honda Shadow motorcycle was traveling southbound on SR 662. Vehicle 2, a 1992 Harley Davidson Softail Custom motorcycle was traveling behind vehicle 1. Vehicle 1 lost control in a curve, went off the right side of the road, and struck a guardrail.   Vehicle 2 tried to avoid hitting Vehicle 1, went off the road, and also struck a guardrail.   

The driver of Vehicle 1 was in serious condition and was med flighted by Cassell to Grant Hospital. The driver of Vehicle 2 was also in serious condition and was med flighted by United to Grant Hospital.   

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