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car accident in the Columbus, OH area can be complicated. That’s because you might think it’s obvious who was at fault. Maybe the other driver was speeding when he collided with your vehicle. Perhaps the other driver was impaired by alcohol when she hit your car head on. But what makes these cases complex is the other person might deny responsibility. It may be your word against his or hers. There may be conflicting witness statements. You might have trouble finding evidence to support your claim.

That’s why you need negligence attorney Mike Christensen working on your behalf. Mike knows what is needed to prove who was at fault. He knows how to gather evidence to support your claim. He knows exactly what to do to make sure you get your medical bills paid and receive compensation for any other losses linked to the car wreck.

How is fault determined in an accident?

Because Ohio is a tort liability state, someone must be found at fault for a car wreck. This is usually determined when the police investigate the accident.

Accidents are commonly caused by driver negligence. This includes:

  • distracted driving
  • drunk driving
  • speeding
  • reckless driving
  • drowsy driving

OH Attorney Mike Christensen can help people injured in a car accident navigate the claims process when dealing with insurance companies. Mike knows how to read police reports and use the information in them to help you maximize your claim with the insurance company.

Does distracted driving cause accidents?

Yes. It takes a driver’s attention away from the road, which greatly increases the risk of a crash. Many activities can distract a driver, including:

  • texting
  • talking on a cell phone
  • eating
  • operating a GPS
  • changing the radio station
  • combing hair or applying makeup

In 2014, more than 17,000 drivers involved in Ohio crashes were found to have been distracted. Texting while driving is against the law. But many drivers still do it and engage in other irresponsible behavior.

Attorneys in Michael D. Christensen Law Offices know how to handle distracted driving cases. If a distracted driver left you injured, contact us to learn how we can help you.

How many crashes are caused by drunk driving?

In 2021, alcohol was a factor in thousands of crashes in Ohio. These crashes left many people injured and 608 people dead.

Drunk driving-or operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI)-is a serious offense, but unfortunately people still do it. Drunk drivers who are caught are arrested. But they can cause a lot of damage before they’re caught, including leaving people injured.

If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, it’s important to get legal advice. We can review your case and determine the best way to get you full compensation.

Does speeding cause car accidents?

Yes! It is a major cause of car crashes and personal injury. According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety 5,413 people in Ohio were fatally injured in speeding-related crashes in 2021. The NHTSA reports that 16 people died in speeding accidents that year in Franklin County. That’s a 60 percent increase from the number of people who died in such crashes in 2013.

Speeding makes it more difficult for a driver to control the car, and it takes longer to bring the car to a complete stop. Too often, this ends in a crash, with injuries to drivers and passengers.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, we’ll review the police report. We can also consult experts in accident reconstruction. Even if the driver’s approximate speed was not recorded, there may be indications the car was going too fast. For example, the amount of damage to vehicles and the length of skid marks could be evidence that excessive speed was a factor.

How does reckless driving cause accidents?

Reckless driving means taking irresponsible risks on the road. These risks increase the likelihood of a crash that leaves people injured.

Examples of reckless driving include:

  • weaving between traffic
  • changing lanes suddenly without signaling
  • tailgating
  • failing to yield
  • running a stop sign or red light

Reckless driving increases the danger for all other drivers on the road. If you’ve been injured by a reckless driver, you deserve compensation. Our experience attorneys can guide you.

How does drowsy driving cause accidents?

A drowsy driver is not fully aware of road conditions, and has slow reaction time and impaired judgment. This can easily lead to a crash. People who drive while drowsy often include commercial drivers, shift workers and those with sleep disorders.

It can be difficult to prove that drowsiness was a factor in a crash. If you think a drowsy driver was responsible for an accident that left you injured, contact our car accident and personal injury attorney Michael D. Christensen Law Offices. We can review the facts of the case and advise you on the best course of action.

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